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Clinic Guidelines for COVID-19 and Patient Safety

EVOLVE Acupuncture & Wellness, Kat Barber Acupuncture and Candace Belinc with CB Bodywork wanted to reach out and provide an update on the steps we are taking in our clinic with COVID-19.  We are following information available from the CDC.

As a health care facility, we plan to remain open during this time.  We continue to take extra precautions to provide you with a sanitized environment to minimize risk and exposure.  These enhanced guidelines are being implemented for our patient’s safety. 

We want you to feel safe and comfortable when visiting our clinic.  We will continue to keep our patients updated as things change based on CDC guidelines and local government recommendations.

Here is a letter that was shared with all of our patients and posted on our website.  Link  Please contact us directly with any questions.  

In health, Dr. Mike at EVOLVE Acupuncture & Wellness (248) 955-1215